Chuncheon World Leisure Sports Festival Making Progress with the Citizens Based on Trust & Reliability

Chairman’s Greetings

How are you?

All home and foreign club members who enjoy and love leisure activities, nice to meet you.
Chuncheon is a city known for its great environments such as mountains, rivers and lakes suitable for enjoying diverse leisure activities.
Around the Songam sports town, an established world-class leisure complex(stadium complex) is directly connected with the capital area through the high-speed traffic network, and numerous leisure club members have been visiting Chuncheon throughout the year.
Our Chuncheon World Leisure Sports Festival Organizing Committee, since its organization based on the purpose to host the 2010 World Leisure Sports Meeting as well as the International Leisure Symposium, has been hosting national and international festivals every other year.
Now, such leisure activities have settled as the tourism products that represent Chuncheon.
Chuncheon and our Chuncheon World Leisure Sports Festival Organizing Committee will utilize our city’s precious mountains and rivers to come up with more diverse and entertaining leisure events and courses.
This year, outstanding players from various countries will be participating in the world leisure sports festival.
In particular, those around the world who enjoy leisure activities have been very excited about the K-pop Concert and the IDO World Dance Cup Festival that are scheduled to take place along with the opening ceremony.
In the summer of 2018, feel free to demonstrate your passion and make challenges.


Public Transportation

Get Off at Chuncheon Station : Bus No. 75 / Taxi(approx. 5,500 won)
Get Off at Namchuncheon Station : Bus No. 8 / Bus No. 75 at Gongji Intersection / Taxi(approx. 5,000)
Bus : Get Off at Chuncheon Intercity Bus Terminal and Take a Taxi(approx. 4,000won)

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